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Friday’s Hot Links: FREEDOM!

Around here we’ve been talking a lot about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), but how can you support it and your favorite websites? Protest SOPA and support Wikipedia in the internet black out and by contacting your congress-person.

Just want to free yourself from the bonds of the infinite internet? Try Freedom, an app made for Macs and PCs to “lock” yourself out of the internet up to 8 hours.


This Week From Our Friends at INALJ

This week from our friends at INALJ non-traditional jobs in the NYC area:

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Friday’s Hot Links: The Future of Publishing

Zoe Uffindell of Khaki Films in the UK has made a video called “The Future of Publishing” (the link directs you to Penguin Publishing House explaining the video. You might not like what it has to say at the beginning so watch through the very end. I think it will change your mind about how reach out to learners about books and publishing.


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