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Content Curation Guide

Here are some great links on content curation — a rising trend every librarian should embrace!

A Code of Conduct for Content Aggregators , by David Carr for The New York Times

A Curator’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Megan Garber for The Atlantic

Curator’s Code, a project by Maria Popova

The State of the News Media, by Pew Research Center

5 Great Tips for Great Content Curation, by  for Mashable


Google Spreadsheets + Gadgets = Quality Infoviz

NPR recently published a visualization of weekly drought statistics (via FlowingData) since mid-2010 through 2011, studying the terrible–and lingering–conditions in Texas. To the untrained eye, the animated map looks like a product of some large enterprise reporting software package.

Tracking the Texas Drought via NPR

Nope! It’s all available for free from Google. This is not news for some of you, but Google Spreadsheets offers a series of gadgets in addition to the standard HQ charts & graphs. Such options were typically available either through products like Tableau and Crystal Reports, as well as to designers and developers via JavaScript and Illustrator. Now with a little time and experimentation, infoviz novices can catch up and appear just as sophisticated as those with larger budgets & expertise.


Librarians Speak Out: World IA Day

New York might not have been one of the 14 international cities hosting a World IA Day event in 2012, but Lou Rosenfeld presented his keynote speech from Brooklyn, NY. He reflects on his past experiences in librarianship, information architecture, and usability with insight to the future.

(via WorldIA Day)

You might be familiar with Rosenfeld and Peter Morville’s book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. Morville also presented a keynote speech, which similarly keeps in tune with the perspective of a librarian practicing information architecture.

(via WorldIA Day)