Dig Deep: Librarians At SXSW

What: Dig Deep: Libraries, Archives and Filmmaking

When: Tuesday, March 13, 11:00am-12:00pm

Where: Austin Convention Center, Room 15

For those of you down in Austin this week for SXSW, check out Dig Deep: Libraries, Archives and Filmmaking. The session features librarians and archivists who use their research skills to help bring film alive! Read an interview with the panel organizer Jo Angela Oehrli and here is a brief summary of the session from the SXSW website:

Librarians and archivists can help you find historical data when preparing the first draft of a screenplay; track down drawings and photographs to make sure your costumes are accurate; tap into new funding and grant possibilities; and traverse the difficult terrain of public records and documents. Learn new search strategies and tips that can benefit all aspects and stages of filmmaking.


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