Choose Your Battles Wisely, Librarians

Thank you, Andy, for saying something that not many others are brave enough to voice:

As of this moment, I have yet to see Amazon or Google (or any other company for that matter) as being the reason cited that any library has been cut or closed. It’s always been a matter of political will, whether it is local, state, or national. The threat is not from these companies or ones like them; it is from our own communities. In fact, our communities are a bigger actual threat than the imagined threats from these outside entities. Our communities are the investors, the stakeholders, and the immediate purse string holders. It doesn’t get any more “power over life” than that.

We at WAL wholeheartedly agree that assigning blame to superpowers like Amazon and Google accomplishes nothing. The answer is political involvement and a reassessment of library models. The only real “library killer” is misplaced energy into a fight not worth having.

Source: Why Are Librarians Picking So Many Fights? | Agnostic, Maybe

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