Are You a Librarian 2.0?

As we move past the traditional roles and stereotypes of librarianship it has come up that “librarian” is not an adequate term, even as far as a couple of years ago SLA was going to change their name to reflect that. There was a push back from librarians themselves with not wanting to change their name. Does changing our title change peoples perceptions of our role?

“we often talk as if ‘libraries’ and ‘librarians’ are synonymous – they’re not.” Which would imply, I think, that without libraries, collections and storehouses of information, librarians could push off into uncharted waters as consultants navigating a wider world of data. Says Daniel Lee, research librarian at Navigator Ltd, “libraries are buildings and they don’t do anything – it’s the librarians and staff that make things happen in any library. They are what’s most useful.”

We are firmly in the digital age, do you want to be called a Librarian 2.0? Do you love or hate that term? Do you want to be called something else? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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