This past weekend, the New York Times wrote a spotlight on Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. While the article is primarily a profile of Mr. Hoffman’s life, career path, and subsequent fortune, the end of the article hits on some of his core beliefs that lend insight into the future of the Internet and information as we know it today. Hoffman made his career cultivating the social media power of developing professional connections, but he believes we are on the verge of yet another change. We are embarking on an advancement that will impact us the same way that social media changed the Internet and the very essence of how people communicate. The change will be “data-driven” and we will begin to see new start-ups working with data in innovative ways with websites able to “aggregate a huge volume of information.” As librarians, educated and trained to handle, organize, and curate large amounts of information, we fit perfectly into this new landscape. Without renaming the title of “librarian,” how do we begin to redefine the field as a group of data managers, analysts, and researchers?


Rusli, E. M. A King of Connections Is Tech’s Go-To Guy. The New York Times.

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