Virtual Lunch: Your Career Roadmap Webinar

What: Navigating Your Career Roadmap, Detours and Rough Roads

When: December 15, 2:00pm EST


Jill Hurst-Wahl will talk about career paths for information professionals and handling bumps in the road:

Jill says, “Likening your career to a car, there are some times when you are in the driver’s seat and other times when rough road and detours are influencing your course. During this webinar, we will discuss tips for constructing your career roadmap as well as how to handle the bumps, dips, and cracked pavement (e.g., conflict, abuse, bad bosses, career detours). There will be a time for Q&A in order to assure that the webinar addresses the needs of students, new information professionals, and those that are in the middle of their career.”

For more information including registration (free for students and all SLA members), please visit the website of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SLA.

Check out Jill’s other works, including her book The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook: Define and Create Your Success, which in addition to her Twitter feed sounds to be a valuable resource for the WAL audience.

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