About Us

We are librarians. We are archivists. We are researchers. We are digital asset managers. We are information architects. We are usability analysts. We are metadata specialists. We are social media experts.

Jessica Haas is our information architect, usability expert, and maintainer of WordPress and Drupal. Basically, she ensures that the site looks & feels good while not being afraid to get her hands dirty with CSS & PHP. She’s currently a knowledge manager at a mental health program in NYC. Born & raised in New Jersey before moving to NYC 10 years ago, Jessica is a punk rock enthusiast, crafty person and lover of coffee, as any decent web professional should be. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and her personal site.

Lilli Schestag is our metadata specialist, taxonomist, and content curator. Lilli is a third generation librarian and received her MLIS in 2009. She has a range of library and archive experience in the arts and has worked for museums and art organizations in New York, London, and Colorado. She currently works in New York as a librarian in the fashion industry where she manages a combination of physical collections and digital asset management. Find her on Linkedin or her personal site.