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Electronic Resources Conference

What: Electronic Resources Conference

When: April 2-4

Where: Austin, Texas

Tomorrow is the deadline for early bird registration for this year’s Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference. Save 20% on your conference admission if you register by January 5th.

We know ya’ll will be down in Austin for SXSW Interactive March 9-13, but the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference also has a lot to offer this year. Check out some of the sessions that they recorded last year.

Streaming Digital Preservation Webinar

If you missed yesterday’s Kent State Digital Preservation webinar, you can view the live stream online. You will need to have the most up to date version of Microsoft Silverlight (Netflix lovers will have no problem there!).

Speakers Yin Zhang, Ph.D., Catherine Smith, Ph.D, and Karen Gracy, Ph.D cover the core concepts of digital libraries and preservation. They introduce the webinar with definitions and basic examples of digital libraries, but lead into topics like curation and digitization, online communities and users,  preservation strategies, metadata, usability, and access. They also discuss job opportunities within the realm of digital libraries. They speak about job titles, skill sets, responsibilities and activities, and the diversity of employers who need staff with a background in digital libraries and preservation.