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Friday’s Hot Links: The Future of Publishing

Zoe Uffindell of Khaki Films in the UK has made a video called “The Future of Publishing” (the link directs you to Penguin Publishing House explaining the video. You might not like what it has to say at the beginning so watch through the very end. I think it will change your mind about how reach out to learners about books and publishing.


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Friday’s Hot Links: People Are Asking A Lot of Experts

This week’s Friday Hot Links starts off with a question to Ellen Mehling, Director of the Westchester Graduate Library School Program and Director of Internships for L.I.U.’s Palmer School.

Q: I am graduating next year and, aside from my internship, I won’t really have any library experience to put on my resume. I am concerned that this will make it hard for me to find a job. What can I do?

To see her response to this question and many others at ASK ELLEN

Which leads us to ASK A MANAGER where the author tells you how to get a job if you feel you are under-qualified.