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Keep It Simple

(via Mashable)

Anthony Ha’s Adweek article,  Twitter Redesign Emphasizes Simplicity, Brand Friendliness discusses Twitter’s decision to redesign the site in order to compartmentalize the symbols that represent Twitter-actions. Twitter has a lot of exposure with more than 100 million users, but the redesign is geared toward better engaging their users by making # and @ the center of their design layout.

Simplicity. This is an inspiring concept, particularly in a world that is saturated with a streaming flow of information and media. Librarians, like any brand, need to focus on a simpler, minimal approach to communicating their identity and goals.

Brand Sociability

Mashable shares an infographic created by Weber Shandwick and Forbes Insights that asks the question, “How social is your brand?” Whether you are a global company, local organization, or even a freelancer, branding is what creates a consistent identity. This infographic illustrates why social media is important in branding and lists the 9 drivers that effectively socialize a brand.

How can information professionals rebrand the field and themselves? Social media is one of the driving forces changing our professional identity. Not only do librarians manage many of the social media accounts for their organizations, but these platforms leverage one of our core values — the ability to create content and share information freely and instantly.