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Why You Should Learn to Code

We’re all so lucky  that computers are so easy-to-use that even babies can use them. That’s the main reason that they are so ubiquitous, which is wonderful because they enhance our daily lives — librarian or not. However, as Slate puts it in their article about Code Year (I just signed up!):

…the fact that any moron can use a computer has lulled us into complacency about the digital revolution. You can see this in the debates over SOPA, the disastrous Internet piracy bill that has been embraced by politicians because many of them simply don’t understand its technical implications. Or, as Thomas Friedman points out, consider the absence of any substantive topic relating to technology from the Republican presidential debates.

Not only will learning to program broaden your technical skills and demystify what makes programs tick, you will learn how to solve problems in a new way. Like Farhad Manjoo, my limited coding knowledge has led me to break problems down into small, pragmatic and repeatable steps. You’ll find that learning a programming language is as beneficial as learning a spoken language.

You Need to Learn How to Program (via Smarterware)

Oracles Past & Present (& Future)

In this Scientific American article published online today, author Krystal D’Costa outlines how humans have historically searched for answers about the world around them, and the advantages/challenges of our modern information age. Humans have been information consumers since the beginning — whatever did we do before librarians?

Our ability to find and share information today is potentially limitless. But how did we get here? From cave paintings to the iPad—how does human innovation bring us here?

Read more of this excellent article at Scientific American.