David Lankes’ presentation last month at the National Congress of the Italian Library Association explored both the failures and victories of librarians. It is not only our failures, but our victories that threaten the industry. Our field has become fragmented and competitive — two destructive forces that suffocate our present and future.

Lankes shows the importance of librarianship on a global scale while keeping it personal and funny. It ultimately comes down to knowledge distribution, communication, and learning. We can take charge of our future by partnering with tech companies and participating in social media to create a new image for ourselves and our communities. Lankes is a bold voice speaking on behalf of new librarianship and the need for social change and action. It is up to us!

A New Librarianship for a New Age from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

3 Responses to A New Librarianship for a New Age

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  2. Re-framing of the role of library and information technology programs in schools is walking the same road David Lankes is describing in his talk and New Librarianship. In Washington State we call it LIT linked here: http://wlma.org/Resources/Documents/LIT%20Program%20Framework.pdf and encourage discussion on how this new librarianship can carry us forward as effective users and producers in the sea of ideas and information.

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